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UU Launches 13 Research Institutes

28th October 2004

The University is Ulster is establishing 13 new Research Institutes as part of a strategic initiative to consolidate and develop its position as a centre for outstanding research.
The University has launched a campaign to attract world class researchers to Northern Ireland as part of the new Research Institute structures.

The radical rebalancing of research activity at the University – spanning every aspect of its work, from nanotechnology to nursing, biomedical sciences to the built environment – is being directed by Professor Bernie Hannigan, Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research.


The bulk of the University’s research spend -  now running at almost £1m per week - will be channelled through the new Research Institutes.


“This research will improve the lives of everyone in Northern Ireland – their health, education, economy and environment,” Professor Hannigan said.


“To focus support for research on our very best researchers we have decided to set up 13 Research Institutes, ranging in size and scope from our 6* Biomedical Sciences Research Institute with almost 100 academic and research staff to the smaller but also 6* Institute of Celtic Studies, both of which are international leaders and the best in the UK.


The Research Institutes range from Media Studies, through Art and Design to Transitional Justice and Built Environment, and from the Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials to the Academy of Irish Cultural Heritages.


“In the past, we found it difficult to adequately resource our top performing research teams. Now, through our new Research Institute configuration, we will be able to give them more funding, and enable them to further develop their excellent work.


“ Each Institute is unique, creating an environment that suits the nature of the work its members engage in.  But every Institute will need to meet quality targets or risk losing its privileged ‘institute’ status.


“Now, we are inviting applications for appointments at all levels of seniority – at Director, Professor Reader and lecturer level – to each of our institutes. Our target is to have all the new appointments in place by August 2005.


“At the University of Ulster we are highly conscious of our place in the history, geography and future, not only of Northern Ireland, but also of our world.  Through our scholarship, our policies on social inclusiveness and our contributions to economic development, we have helped shape our now peaceful and thriving regional community.”


“Our research institutes will accelerate and enhance our ability to make a difference to the lives of people in the communities we serve.,” she said.

Appointments to Research Institutes:

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