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UU Signs Research Partnership With Top Indian Technology Centre

13th April 2006

Professor Dipam Ghosh of IIT-Mumbai with Secretary of State Peter Hain
and Pro-Vice-Chancellor Research and Innovation Bernie Hannigan

The University of Ulster has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, in Mumbai, on research cooperation in nanotechnology, wireless technology, network communications and modelling of micro-fluidics.

The Northern Ireland Secretary Mr Peter Hain MP attended the ceremony in Mumbai. He is leading a visit to India by representatives of 17 Northern Ireland businesses.


Mr Hain told a press conference after the signing: ''Building strategic alliances at this time will help improve competitiveness and boost our skills base.”


Collaboration between higher educational institutions in Northern Ireland and India will be the key in helping both economies keep pace with the challenges of globalization, he said. “This can only be of benefit to both our economies and societies.''


In addition to the IIT-Mumbai partnership, the University of Ulster has opened discussions with New Delhi's Jamia Milia University and Chennai University about future research collaborations.


Mr Hain said that several Northern Ireland companies in engineering, software and other sectors are already engaged in successful business in India.


He added: “However, I believe that a great many more companies here could and should be seeking to grasp the tremendous opportunities now emerging in what has become the world's fastest growing free market economy.''

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