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Teaching Social Skills To Children With Autism

30th June 2006

A new book by a University of Ulster researcher will offer parents of children with autism advice on teaching social skills.

Dr Mickey Keenan, from the School of Psychology, has employed Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques combined with Video modelling to achieve high success rates in his many years of work with autistic children.

“Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a successful educational method for developing social and communication skills in children with autism. The use of video modelling in ABA programmes has demonstrated great effectiveness in teaching behavioural skills to autistic children, and this book explains how and why,” explains Dr Keenan.

“Video modelling is an easy-to-use behaviour modification technique that uses videotaped rather than live scenarios for the child to observe, concentrating the focus of attention for the child with autism and creating a highly effective stimulus for learning.

“Video Modelling and Behaviour Analysis provides a practical introduction to the technique, its objectives, strategies for use and evidence of its success.”

The book uses illustrative case examples are supported by detailed diagrams and photographs, with clear, accessible explanations.

For more information on: Video Modelling and Behaviour Analysis: A Guide for Teaching Social Skills to Children with Autism, by and Dr Mickey Keenan and Christos Nikopoulos see:

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